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Why Visit Pembrokeshire in Spring 2023? Narberth!

🌷 Why visit Pembrokeshire this Spring?
🏡 Whilst Narberth is home to our own Noble Court Holiday Park and the delicious and quirky Charlie's Celtic Tavern - Noble Court, this small town is also packed with historic interest and boutique shops. If you’re looking to explore, grab some lunch, or purchase a holiday souvenir, the small yet bustling town of Narberth may be perfect for your needs.
🏰 Fancy some mystery with your history? Then check out Narberth Castle. Spoken of in the Mabinogion (which holds stories of Welsh myths), legend has it that Pwyll, Prince of Wales, used Narberth castle as his home. However, the structure you see now was built by Andrew Perrott in the 13th century.
🍦 Even though it's not quite Summer, you can definitely still enjoy a delicious ice cream or sorbet. We've heard Fire & Ice is the best place in town for a scoop, or tub, of gelato (we won't judge 😉). They're also a craft bottle shop with a vast range of artisan ciders, over 100 varieties of Gin, spirits and craft ales. Perfect for a mid holiday treat.
🧺 Need supplies for a beach picnic? Wisebuys has you covered. With a wide variety of high quality and local fresh fruit, veg, cheese, chocolate, coffee, wholefoods, sweet and savoury snacks and much more!
🕰 If you have an eye for antiques, Narberth Antiques & Interiors is definitely worth a visit. Featuring a large selection including furniture, lighting, vintage clothing, Welsh blankets, paintings, china, glass and more. They also deliver nationwide, so you don't have to stress about fitting your goodies in the boot with all the other holiday bags.
🚆 Narberth is accessible via the train station.
🛏 Stay a while by booking your accommodation at or call 01834 861908 for further information.

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