David Bellamy Conservation Gold Award

David Bellamy Conservation Gold Award

You'll spot me - the Celtic Bee buzzing around on this website and of course on the Parks. Please do your bit to help protect our bee colonies for the future. 


At Celtic Holiday Parks we've created an environment that isn't just beautiful and enjoyable, but is an oasis for wildlife. Our grounds team work throughout the year to implement guidelines and projects recommended by the award organisers, including wildflower meadows, using seeds originated in Britain.

Our parks look stunning, with planting schemes in both borders and tubs to include bee and butterfly friendly plants such as verbena, lavender and wallflowers.

Bees are diminishing in Britain  .... 

This is a concern to us at Celtic Parks with 24 species of bumblebee in the UK, but only 8 commonly found and 2 species becoming extinct recently. With the correct planting our aim is to help to encourage the Bee population, these essential pollinators whose busy lives bring us the glorious wildflowers and fruits we all enjoy.

“Few people realise just how important bumblebees are. They are charming little things and a pleasure to see, but they also do an essential job which many people take for granted. If bumblebees continue to decline then we face ecological turmoil”.

Chris Packham, Naturalist, Television Presenter
Source: Bumblebee Conservation.org

Other green projects include the installation of greenhouses; we now collect seeds in the autumn to propagate our own plants ready for planting out in early Spring together with the propagation of other plants throughout the year from our on site cuttings programme. Our energy consumption is monitored and we use green energies as often as possible on the Parks.

We know that you will be keen as a visitor to Celtic Holiday Parks to do your bit, to support our environmental goals. By recycling when you’re on holiday using our dedicated recycling areas you’ll avoid sending waste unnecessarily to landfill, where even simple things like polystyrene cups can take over 500 years to decay and glass bottles over one million years. Let’s do all we can to keep Pembrokeshire’s landscapes as green as they are today.


  • Bees may be tiny, but they are really powerful insects, essential to our healthy environment.
  • Like a bit of jam on your toast? Bees don't just provide us with honey, they work hard to pollinate fruits such as strawberries.
  • Since 1900 the UK has lost 20 species of bee and a further 35 more species are under threat of extinction.
  • Did you know that the name "Dumbledore" famous in Harry Potter is the cornish word for Bumble Bee!
  • Busy bees - yes they are! Take a look at the lovely wild flowers on our hedgerows, we can thank the busy bees for their wonderful fragrances.

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Nice friendly environment at Noble park and the staff are brilliant! We will definitely be staying here next year!

Melanie Louise James

Nice site, lovely location, very close to Folly Farm, convenient 15 minute drive to Oakwood and Bluestone,  great little swimming pool, relaxed attitude, professional and very polite staff. 

Shane Jones

Safari Tent Review: "Staff are very welcoming. Lovely secluded spot with stunning views. Short drive to the beach and loads of beautiful sight seeing places"

Jason Air B and B

Safari Tent review: Just returned home for a fabulous 2 nights in a luxury safari tent. The tent was very well equipped and spotlessly clean with Lovely comfortable beds.

Facebook Review

Glamping Pods review: a fantastic weekend at the Classic Car Rally, staying in the Glamping Pods. Would recommend this very highly, stunning and clean and so comfy!! Next thing to try for us is the bluebells.

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